Join our NH Snowmobile Club!

NHSA has created a portal where you can manage your own club memberships and receive your membership voucher on the spot. Your membership voucher will grant you a $30 discount per snowmobile that you register with the State of NH. The funds from your membership go directly to the club and we appreciate your support.


Here's How to Join!​

This is the way to join for instant membership and voucher.
Can be done from any smart phone or computer.

 How to use

  • Create an account or login with your existing account.

    • If you’ve joined the club in the past but not via this website, click Forgot Password.

    • Enter your email address and click Request Password

    • You’ll receive an email with instructions to follow and you’ll be able to log in

      • You should find that your account is already set up

    • If that did not work, just create a new account and login.

  • Once logged in, edit your member information to make sure all is correct. That option is located on the left side of your screen.

  • Once your info is all set, click Join/Add Club Membership.

    • From the drop-down, find Wilton/Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers

      • We’re way down at the bottom

    • Select your membership type and add in any additional donations you may want to give.

    • Click add club membership

    • The next screen will lead you to pay by credit card

  • Once Paid, you can get your membership voucher

    • On the left side of your screen, click Save/Print Registration Voucher

    • Open your voucher, print, or just show it to your registration agent for your $30 off per sled registered.

That’s it. You’re done!

Join Through the Club:

2 separate actions are required to sign up for a club membership;


1. Read These instructions. 
2. Click join button below. This will bring you to a PayPal button where you choose your payment amount. Don't get scared off by PayPal, you can use a credit card...
4. Once you've paid, click the link to return to the WLWW Website. This will bring you back to the form we need. 
5. Complete the online form and submit. 
6. Now you're done! Allow a few days for us to email you your voucher. 

Join Through the Mail:

You can still join through the mail or through the club directly!

Please note: This is not an immediate process. It typically takes about a week. 

  1. Print out the membership form

  2. Mail it along with a check to PO Box 455 Wilton, NH 03086

  3. Checks should be made out to Wilton Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers for $35 or more. We
    appreciate donations above and beyond the standard membership fee. 

Maybe You're Not a Snomobiler

If you just like using the trails but don't want a membership, consider making a donation

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PO Box 455 Wilton, NH 03086

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