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Things to do and See 

Wilton Warming Hut

The warming hut is located on Corridor 13 between Isaac Frye and Abbot Hill Rd.

This is a real working warming hut. Stop in and relax for a minute. All we ask is that you keep it cleaner than you found it, so others can enjoy after you. 


Address: 195 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton

Hilltop café is located on The Temple Wilton Community farm, one of the oldest CSA’s in the country. Committed to using fresh, local and organic ingredients in the welcoming atmosphere of their cozy restored 1765 farmhouse.

Snowmobile parking just off Cor. 13


Garwin Falls

A popular swimming spot in the summer turns into a crystalline ice structure in the cold days of winter. 

Corridor 13 on your way north passes right next to this spot. Worth the trip for your photo opportunity for sure. It's very "cool".

Garwin Winter_edited.jpg

Foster's Field View

This view is located very soon after entering the WLWW system from the Mile Slip Rd. area. On the 501 trail, easy to find and hard to miss. It's the welcoming image to our trail system from the south, and just a taste of what's in store from deeper within our trail system.

Located in Mason near Mitchell Hill Rd.  

Fosters Field_edited.jpg

Mason Rail Trail - Quarry

The Rail Trail in Mason stretches from the Townsend, MA line all the way to Greenville. Within it are a couple sites to see. The first being the old Quarry. There's a lot of history behind this point.

Operated by Alexander McDonald from 1867 to 1893. Closed in 1908. Now on town conservation land.

Mason Quarry_edited.jpg

Mason Rail Trail - Site of old RR Trestle over Rt. 31

The supports of the old Railroad Trestle can be seen from the Greenville end of the Mason Rail Trail. The photo here is from when the Trestle was operational. A visit today will only show you the old supports as the bridge portion was taken down. 

Check out this video of "The Fly Under"

WMUR Chronicle Video

Greenville Trestle.jpg

The "High Mowing" View

This view is located in the same area as the Hilltop Cafe. 

Please stay on the marked trail and enjoy the view. 

High Mowing_edited.jpg

Old Lyndeborough Center

The old Center of Lyndeborough is where you'll find the picturesque former town hall, town church, and town pound. 

This is along the trail leading to Pinnacle and Rose Mountain at the top of Center Rd. 

Old Town Center_edited.jpg

Little Lyndeborough Warming Hut

For Advanced Riders:

A suggested one way trail from the old Lyndeborough Center.

On the way to Pinnacle Mountain located just before the Mountain Rd crossing. This little hut was built by past President Steve Erdody  for all to enjoy. Treat her nice, she's getting frail in her old age. 

A decent little view can be seen here as well

Lyndeborough Warming Hut

Pinnacle Mountain View

For Advanced Riders:

A ride from Goss Park and into Lyndeborough is the way to get to Pinnacle Mountain. The views are spectacular on clear days. It's a suggested one way trail that continues to Rose Mt. and into Greenfield (Cor. 13). 

Rose Mountain View

For Advanced Riders:

A ride from Goss Park and into Lyndeborough is the way to get to Rose Mountain. The views are very nice on clear days. It's a suggested one way trail from the Center of Lyndeborough that continues to the Rail Trail in Greenfield (Cor. 13). 

Rose Mountain.jpg

Lyndeborough Store

The Lyndeborough Store is located right on the rail trail in Lyndeborough at the first crossing of Rt. 31. 

Stop in for a drink, a sandwich, and any other little things you might need. 

Lyndeborough Store.jpg

Brookside Mobil

Before or after all this riding, You're going to need to fill that sled up. Or maybe you need a map?

The Brookside Mobile is located on Cor. 13 down by the Rt. 101 crossing at Monadnock Water. 

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