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Spotlight on Local Snowmobile Clubs - WLWW

The Wilton Lyndeboro Winter Wanderers - Part Three of a Three Part Series - Jon Lavoie

The Wilton-Lyndeboro Winter Wanderers (WLWW) are located in Wilton, NH but they cover an expansive area including Lyndeborough, Mason, Greenfield, plus parts of Milford, and Greenville. They are the gateway to all points West and North. A couple riders might argue that I saved the best for last, yet many people have yet to discover the many side trail wonders of this club. Most riders come into the WLWW system looking to pack on miles by connecting to State Corridor Trail 13 and the rail trail that heads up North to Hillsborough, NH and beyond. However, most of those same riders don’t know what they’re passing by…

Notes and Tidbits:

· Estimated 100 Miles of Trails

· Current President: Chris Krol

· Past President: Diana Nadeau

· Gas Available by Trail: Yes

· Parking at Goss Park Ball Field (limited)

· Parking at Mile Slip Rd. (limited)


· Foster’s Field View

· Wilton Warming Hut

· Mason Rail Trail & Quarry

· Pinnacle Mountain

· Rose Mountain

· Garwin Falls

· Hilltop Cafe (Check Hours)

Riding WLWW is not all like the wide open chipped trails of Hollis and they’re a bit more woodsy even than the Brookline trails, but they are an explorers dream. Most of the trails are back woods style as Mother Nature made them. There are rail trails and fields mixed in to keep things interesting though. The club does a good job keeping the trails clear. Grooming conditions on Corridor 13 can be marginal or bumpy on high traffic weekends because they are single track between 501 and the Wilton Rail Trail. Grooming on the Wilton Rails takes place when there’s a good amount of snow. This is a working railway in the summer, so Corridor 13 from Goss Park North can be hit or miss on low snow years. The club does have a large BR groomer for this area when snow totals allow. Skandics maintain the remainder of their expansive area. Some trails are left untouched, so get off the beaten path to start exploring the trails not named 13 and that’s the beauty of the WLWW’s club. Starting off in Wilton may lead you to park at the hidden ball field parking lot off Stoney Brook Rd near Goss Park. There’s enough room here for a decent amount of trailers. You’ll immediately find yourself entering into a fairly tight wooded trail with an option to go left or right. This is Corridor 13. Left will take you towards Mason or into Brookline. You’ll pass by access to Primary Trail 402 which takes you towards New Ipswich and Rindge. Staying on Corridor 13 South takes you into Mason which has a separate rail trail connecting to the Mason Quarry which is a sight to see. If you plan your day right, you can stop for lunch at the Hilltop Café or ride down to Brookline or Hollis for a meal. Take a right out of the Goss parking lot and you’ll see that most traffic heads up the rail trail towards Hillsborough, NH. That’s a scenic ride due north over some high rail bridges. You’ll pass close to a little Italian restaurant in Bennington called Alberto’s. However, just before that rail trail, there’s a little trail to the right that takes you up into Lyndeborough. In Lyndeborough you can find some loops through Carnival Hill and trails that lead you by the old town hall and up to the top of Pinnacle and Rose Mountain. The club has recently taken better initiative in signing this area. It’s the scenic hidden gem of the Tri-Town Snowmobile clubs, but there are some rough spots. This ride is best for more experienced riders during higher snow totals and cold weather.

The Wilton-Lyndeboro Winter Wanderer’s marquis annual event is their club cookout at the Warming Hut. It’s a day long, come and go as you please informal event, typically held the weekend after the IceBreaker’s Poker Run.

Parking: Ample but limited parking located at Goss Park and the end of Mile Slip Rd. Riding In: Local riders can come down Corridor 13 from Hillsborough or Weare. Most riders will connect in from Hollis, Brookline, or New Ipswich and Greenville. Connecting Club Trails: The WLWW’s Trail System abuts the trails of the Brookline IceBreakers and connects out of the Tri Club area into The Hillsborough Night Riders and Monadnock Sno-Moles zones.

Club Contact Info: Social Media: Website: Maps are available to buy in town at The Brookside Mobil, Amherst Motorsports (Milford), and Souhegan Valley Motorsports (Milford). The club meets at the Wilton Fire Station on Main St during the fall and winter months on the 3rd Thursday of the month. 7pm. Join the club online via

Moose on Trail. Mason Rail Trail
This moose is enjoying the WLWW trails too. This photo being from the Mason Rail Trail.

Rose Mountain Snowmobile Trail
The view from the top of Rose Mountain in Lyndeborough. You can get there from here.

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